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The Motts

Mottivation LLC
Christopher Mott, CEO (408) 390-0835

Rachael Mott , COO (949) 887-5480

Christopher Mott is the doctor of everything “Sprinkles!” He is an internationally renowned author, radio host, coach, trainer, and as he likes to say “The only Mottivational speaker on the planet.” Chris has spent the last three decades dedicated to the empowerment and happiness of others.


Prior to forming his own coaching and training company called Mottivation, Chris grew up in the property management/real estate industry for over two decades. He started his climb at the ground level and ended his prestigous career leading one of the largest property management companies in the nation. Chris understands us because he's one of us. 


Along with being the COO of Mottivation, Rachael is also the Vice President of Sales for Hitachi Solutions America Ltd. She has a leadership legacy which spans approximately two decades when it comes to formulating and executing upon succesful plans within the software arena. She has a proven track record when it comes to driving bottom line profitability, creating customer satisfaction beyond expectations, and she's got the awards to back it up. When Rachael isn't driving profitability for global organizations, she's creating purpose for individuals. Her God given mission is to help others discover and execute on their own life plans. As a Paterson Certified Facilitator, Rachael has undergone extensive training and is highly effective when it comes to guiding individuals through the life planning program.


Mottivation Squared
One month into our courtship, we decided to write our love legacy. What's a love legacy? It's the story people tell about your love affair far past its years. Some may say it's crazy to invest in so early. We say it's crazy not to. Why? Because if you're going to build something which is sure to last a lifetime, it's best to build it on the strongest foundation. Our foundation sits upon four pillars of strength. They are God, transparency, fanning, and willingess to die to protect the relationship at any cost. As our love story has come alive, just like we designed it, we have been called by God to install the same design, strength, and balance into the lives of others. As a Coach and Life Planner, Chris and Rachael work hand in hand to sprinkle the recipe for success in individuals and couples worldwide. Chris powers them up. Rachael helps them plan for the future, and then Chris steps back in to push them forward to manifest a successful ending to their story. 
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