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Mottivate Your Life with a plan!



  • Would you love to be BURSTING at the seams with joy?  


  • Do you wish you had a DEEP understanding of your purpose, a PURPOSE so ingrained in your being that it’s EASY to live your best life daily?


  • Do you wish to INSPIRE those around you through your talents and passions?  


  • Do you want healthy, loving NURTURING relationships with friends and family? 


You can have ALL of these things, and more, with a life plan.  

But not just any plan…  


Your life plan must be custom designed for you. This plan needs to delve deep into who you are and how you fit into God’s masterful design. It must also provide a clear path, showing how each step you take will get you closer to accomplishing your life’s work.


A plan like this was designed by the world-renowned transformational leader Tom Paterson. As a Paterson Certified Facilitator, Rachael Mott has undergone extensive training and is highly effective when it comes to guiding individuals through the life planning program.


Starting the process


Your journey begins with a two-day exploratory process. During this time, you’ll work closely with Rachael to identify key points (what we call God’s thumbprint) on your life journey so far. Together, you’ll look at your life experiences, talents, passions, and personality. Rachael is a master at pulling this information into the light, and weaving it together in a way which makes sense. By the end of this transformational weekend, your life’s purpose will become crystal clear. 


Knowing your purpose


You will leave this 2-day session KNOWING your purpose in a way that probably seemed impossible before you began. No matter your position, everyone has a divine purpose just waiting to be unearthed. Your purpose won’t be just “made up.” It won’t be a fad that will change with the seasons. 

You will know why you were put on this earth and what you are being called to do. Knowing your purpose feels AMAZING. You will have a sense that there is a divine order in the universe. 


Your purpose exists at the intersection of your heart and your God-given talents. Upon arriving at this enlightening intersection, the next step of the process is to develop a very specific plan to fulfill your purpose. 


Lighting your path


As your life planning guide, Rachael will give you the tools to get started, so you can get into momentum quickly. She’ll also provide you with a dashboard to measure your success and keep you the path of living a purpose-driven life. She can provide as much or as little assistance as you need along the way. 


Your journey starts here. Are you ready to begin? 


If you’ve been wondering “Why I am here? What am I doing with my life?” then take that as a sign. Take the fact that you are here right now reading this page as a sign. Then take that courageous first step of reaching out to Rachael to see if this process makes sense for you.


Once you are awakened and begin questioning and discovering, you will wonder what took you so long. Get started with your plan!

"I am beyond grateful to have spent the weekend in a very purposeful and God driven life planning process with Rachael!! I am blown away, rejoicing, and so excited to begin my purpose driven life based on my core values, heart, and talents! I highly recommend the life planning process because it's worth every moment, every penny, and I mean all of it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!"- Kimberlee Williams

For your complimentary session to discuss the benefits of your life plan, call... (970) 880-2830

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