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Find Your Sprinkles Keynote Speech

Chris Mott packs a powerhouse punch with his keynote speech based on his latest book, “Find Your Sprinkles.” Finding your sprinkles is a process of discovering what brings you joy, embracing what makes you unique, and understanding why you must share your gifts with the world. Your audience will be on the edge of their chairs, energized, inspired, and hanging on Chris’s every word. You couldn’t have a better kick-off for your next event. 


More than a motivational speaker, Chris teaches his proven “Recipe for Success” which can help people start changing their lives IMMEDIATELY – just by changing the way they think. His hands-on work with hundreds of coaching clients lends credibility to what he teaches. He has broken down the steps into a simple process, which can be customized to use examples for your industry or situation. 


Your attendees will leave this session ‘mottivated” to re-boot their lives and electrify their existence. They can transform their level of success, both personally and professionally, by changing the stories they tell themselves and the “ingredients” they choose to consume.  


Seminar attendees rave about finding their SPRINKLES...


"I wish it was longer, AWESOME, I want more, LIFE CHANGING, your words resonated with me, I want an all day seminar, YOU ROCK!, refreshingly honest, INSPIRING, real and to the point, great personal and professional perspective, an AMAZING experience, and finally, someone had to twist my arm to come and in the end, it was the best speech of my life."


Event planners love working with Chris: 


“It’s clear that Chris lives what he teaches! His positive energy is infectious and his speech set the tone for a great event.”  

Transform Your Service Team

                                     "From Mediocrity to Magnificence!”

Are your service people burned out? Resigned to just doing what they’re told? Stop mediocrity in its tracks! 


Your service teams are the most important contributors to your customer satisfaction ratings, which are directly linked to customer retention rates, and overall profitability. Whether you employ highly-paid technical consultants, always-on-the-road field service workers, or fresh-out-of-school call center support, your people need to know you care, and they need tools and training to do their jobs well. 


In this action-packed 90-minute seminar, Chris Mott will give your service personnel a total mindset reboot, starting with their supporting narrative for success. Attendees will walk away with a firm grasp of their opportunity for contribution. They will know and grasp their true value. Your service teams will be supercharged with the energy and empowered with the information they need to provide an unforgettable customer experience. 

Transform Your Sales Team

                                     “Unleash Stellar Sales Success.” 

Sales results are directly tied to the caliber of a sales team. If you are getting less than stellar sales results right now, you may be tempted to find different sales people or provide more product training. While both of those ideas have merit, you might just be missing some MOTTIVATION…and that’s where Chris comes in… 


Chris Mott will teach your sales team how to master their energy and attract the best prospects using the laws of quantum physics. (Yes, really, physics for salespeople – they’ll love it!) In this 90 minute session, your team will learn how to lead prospects down the path of commitment. By bringing high-energy, fresh ideas, and a new perspective regarding what it truly means to be in sales, Chris will rock your sales results. Your competitors won’t know what hit them! 

Transform Your Supervisory Team
                    “Leading The Charge, Leading Through Change”

New supervisors often have mixed feelings about being promoted. They’re excited about the possibilities, but nervous at the higher level of responsibility. When Chris speaks with your group, you give your supervisors an opportunity to become leaders. Leaders transform your company into something exceptional. 


In this 90-minute session, your supervisors will understand they’ve been given the gift to cultivate talent. They have the power and responsibility to define how things will be, and to make a difference in the lives of your customers and employees. They are leaders! By declaring it with enthusiasm, they create an energy which employees are sure to follow.  

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