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 Personal Coaching 

Do you feel like life is working against you? 


If so, you might not want to hear this, but what you’re experiencing is directly linked to your internal frequency. Chris Mott is a master at repositioning the energy of his clients. 

Why is your personal energy so important?


Your personal energy is essential because the universe operates according to the law of quantum attraction. In its simplest form, this principle dictates that you can't attract anything that you aren't. 


No matter what you're looking to achieve in life – manifesting love, creating success in your career, finding freedom to travel – your energy creates your results.  To change your results, you have to change your energy. The easiest way to change your energy is through personal coaching. 


Count on Chris to be your Sherpa when it comes to climbing to new heights. Through his revolutionary twelve-week coaching process, you will replace self-defeating narratives with powerful purpose-guiding mantras. You'll cast away elements that compromise your core strength. You'll begin broadcasting on a powerful frequency, attracting  happiness and abundance. 


 Career Coaching 

If you're looking for a paycheck, then keep sending out resumes and viewing job boards. If you're looking for a dream job, the kind you can't wait to get to every day, then career coaching is the way to go.

Chris has developed a one-of-a-kind system that's sure to shift your job search into overdrive. The secret is what Chris likes to call "energy beacons." Chris has developed a system which places you in charge. If you want a job that has you filled with excitement and energy every day, you must first possess that energy yourself. 


Through Chris's career coaching, you will examine successes and failures of the past. We will unlock the key to a passion-driven career in your future. 


Isn't it time for you to add your name to the list of clients who Chris has successfully powered up to attract their dream job? 


Isn't it time to MOTTIVATE your career?



 Leadership Coaching 

  • Have you started a business and you’re not sure how to be the boss, instead of one of the crew? 


  • Do you feel like despite your fancy title, your real job description should include herding cats and putting out fires? Wondering when you will actually get to lead? 


  • Have you recently been handed an “impossible project” or “difficult team” and are wondering if you should stay or go? 

Leaders lead themselves. They invest in themselves. They seek out mentors when it’s time to make tough decisions. As a leader, your energy, perspective and mood sets the tone for the rest of the company. You owe it to yourself – and you owe it to your people - to not let yourself get burned out or trampled on. 


No matter where you stand on the leadership ladder, call in Chris. Chris is known for coaching and "Mottivating" c-suite executives nationwide. Whether you are building your own business or have been entrusted to lead someone else's, Chris will show you how to use your unique gifts and talents to inspire and motivate others. 


With Chris’s guiding hand to remind you why you become a leader in the first place, you’ll be able to tap into the energy you need whenever you need it.  Become a leader who inspires your people to achieve your vision. Call Chris. Get MOTTIVATED! 

 Couples Coaching 

Chris is known for setting relationships up for success. He's also known for saving them from the brink of disaster. Chris coaches couples in two different stages of the relationship cycle. Whether you're trying to keep a cool head, while fanning the flames of infatuation, or desperately trying to find that spark again, Chris is the guy to “renovate your relationship.” 

Most relationship therapists or counselors fail because they attempt to work on the relationship before working on the individuals involved. Chris's couples coaching system flips conventional wisdom (or lack thereof) on its head. 


During his twelve-week program called "relationship renovation" Chris spends eight intense weeks with each partner to power them up. Once they're powered up individually, the couple comes back together for what's called Relationship or Marriage Mapping. 


Think about it. If you were to drive somewhere or build something you'd need to have a vision of the ending. In couples coaching we accomplish exactly that. We write your love legacy and then simply reverse engineer all the ingredients into the recipe for success to ensure that the result you want is a foregone conclusion. Join Chris today to fortify and infuse passion into your relationship.  



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