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Speaking Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials

"Chris Mott has been a Godsend... There are no words that can fully express my gratitude for his guidance and support .... In a few short months I went from being completely broken from my divorce to meeting my soulmate who I am now happily married to. He has helped me to change my story for the better, and he can help you change yours too. I've never been happier and life has never been so good!!!! Thanks so much Chris Mott!"


Rebecca, Teacher, New Orleans, Louisiana


"I reached out to Chris Mott after following him for years via social media. I heard he was in SoCal and I just had to meet him! I was in business for 1 year and simply put "all over the place"... If you stay awake at night with your thoughts all over the place and can't figure out why things aren't working or trying too many things, then Chris is your guy. Just a few meetings with Chris really put things into perspective for me and my business. I am extremely focused on success down to every detail. I've invested tens of thousands of dollars on advertising/marketing and received very little return...

The best dollars I spent was investing in myself. Thank you Chris for helping me write my successful story.


Nathan, Owner/Consultant, Dana Point, CA


"Chris helped me pull myself out of a dark & isolated space. I was hanging on to too much negative energy & the old stories. He gave me the tools to re-write my story & focus on individual aspects of my life that I had the power to change & thereby giving me a huge shift in focus. He taught me how to re-frame things & how to re-write my story. I went from having no job when we started together, to having a job within a week! I still go back & utilize his tools when I'm having a challenging time. Invest in yourself with his coaching - it's so worth it!! The attitude change is miraculous!!"


Kelli, Data Base Administrator, Lodi, CA


"As a father, husband, entrepreneur and real estate executive, Chris has helped me put my thoughts into motion and in doing so, he has helped to completely transform my outlook on business and life. My relationship with Chris is among my most highly valued."


Nick, Vice President of Property Management, Los Angeles, CA


"Chris has brought me to and through the 3 most groundbreaking, progressive & happiest years of adulthood. I truly have no words to adequately measure the light he brought to my horizon & life. Chris, I am forever grateful....and, I will NEVER be a "7" again!"


Colleen, Manager, Scottsdale, Arizona


"The hardest things for a man are realizing he needs help and where to find it. When I met Chris, I had lost my faith, finances, and family. Totally rock bottom. With his help, I've gained it back and more. I now look down to see cloud nine. I can go on and on and it still wouldn't be enough. Thanks Chris Mott."


William, Housing Specialist, Westfield Indiana


"Thank you so much for all you do for me Chris! You challenge me every day like never before. I like stretching my insides and directing them to be the best and the way they were intended to be. I love how direct and skilled you are at giving me the right homework at the right time and with just enough to make me challenged so I positively grow. I've never experienced anything like this powerful in such a short period of time and I am forever grateful!"


Jen, Owner/Trainer, Danville, CA


"Essentially I made it very hard on Chris Mott. I said "you're my last hope, wanna give it a go and see if you can save me?" I was jobless, loveless, hopeless, and had given up on life. Within a couple of weeks coach Mott had me jogging a mile in 20 degree temperatures at 5am like I had once loved to do. I was writing again, I now am happily employed and house hunting with my roommate to invest in our futures. The point is THERE IS A FUTURE!!! Thank you Coach!!! I honestly have no words to express all you've done for me - except "you got lives to save" - Sincerely - Peter"


Peter, Benefits Specialist, Boston Massachusetts


"Chris got me back on track! Finally a 15! And I thought 10 was as high as you could go! Mottivating me on a weekly basis! Thanks for all you have done for me! Life is good!"


Brenda, Senior Vice President, Smyrna Georgia


"DON'T WAIT!!! Chris helped me in ways I cannot even begin to put into words. Everything happens for a reason and sends you down the path you are meant to go, however sometimes we get lost and need to be redirected. Chris did just that for me and taught me how to become the person I truly strived to be. He helped me crawl my way out of a deep dark hole and I thank him often for that. I see his coaching coming through in many ways all these years later and am so thankful he is in my life :)))"


Lisa, Real Estate Agent, Nazareth, PA


"A little over a year ago this wonderful man helped get me "un-stuck"! He told me the path I was heading on would be so great it would "blow my mind" ....well no understatement there! I repaired my heart & soul, forgave my mother and myself, got closer to God and nourished the best romantic relationship I ever had and my career is flourishing! Success in all areas of life - I am truly blessed! Do not wait one more minute to make the most of your life! Chris Mott you are an earth angel!"


Maya, Project Manager, Livermore, CA


"Last September my 24 year old son passed away from drug addiction. I was lost and heading downhill. I grabbed hold of Chris and God and together they have taken me from what I would call a negative 5 to a 10! I found a new way of looking at life, a new perception that I never had before. Today I wake up smiling knowing my life is on track and my son is in heaven smiling down on me! I find in life we tend to wait for something to happen and that is so wrong, we can't wait hoping for somehting better to happen, we have to take the reigns and make it happen, not looking to the left or looking to the right, not worrying about what everyone else will think, this is how we change our lives! Thank you Chris for helping me see this because it has truly been the thing that changed my life!"


Lisa, Manager, Claremont, CA


"There are people who tell you what you want to hear. Then there is Chris. He didn't tell me what i wanted to hear, but let me speak and hear my own words where my soul was hiding. Finding myself through his guidance. There is no way I would be where I am today without you, coach! Going from a solid 4 to an almost perfect 10 today. Sprinkle on, people! It'll all be ok! :))"


Kim, Horticulture Specialist, Springfield Missouri


"When I started coaching with Chris, maybe I was a 6 or 7. When I wrote my story of how i wanted my life to be & focused on all came true.. I found the love of my life not long after, got married, bought a house, and had a child. All in a 3 years! I am very happy and my friends and family have gone to Chris as well."


Jeanne, Account Manager, Campbell, CA


"I was a 3 out of a 10 when I started with Coach Mott. NOW I feel like a 10 on a regular basis...He helped inspire me to tell a different story in my head. This led me to me believing in myself again after dealing with a tough divorce, child with cancer, and overall low self esteem. Now I am back on top in my head. LOVE MY LIFE and just opened a yoga studio with help from the mottivation guru. LOVE YOU MR. MOTT... MY COACH AND FRIEND FOR LIFE.


Katherine, Owner Insurance Agency, San Jose, CA


"You wanna see a HUMONGOUS impact on any company.....Chris is it! I PROMISE! He's already sprinkled so many current & former coworkers of mine that it would blow your mind. There could be no one & nothing better to take a company to the next level!"


Kristen, Property Manager, Victoria, Texas


When Chris started coaching me I was at a place that I had never been before and really did not know how to begin to regain my self esteem. Chris helped me find my self worth within my career again. About 1.5 to 2 years ago, I had some unforeseen health issues and it took me out of my career for a while. I reached out to Chris on facebook while I was down before my surgery and after my surgery. He started coaching me and he would encourage me and helped me stay positive. He helped to reinforce that I would and could bounce back stronger than ever if I would let go of the negatives ties from the past and keep that can do attitude. He is great with coaching and really cares about his clients.


Vicki, Recruiter, Conroe, Texas


"I was such a mess when Chris and I started coaching that I don't even remember how we got started. But I do know that by the time we finished I was and still am beyond a 10 living a life that I could only imagine up until now. Chris is truly a gift from most common struggle in life these days is meeting ppl and thinking boy they really need the Motter in their life! Chris, thank you for helping me find my way again and giving me a second chance at life!"


Emily, Service Advisor, River Ridge, Louisiana


"Why be mediocre, when you can be great! Living an inspired life is so much more fulfilling. I thank my faith, family, friends, colleagues & my awesome life coach, Chris Mott for challenging me to be better each and every day."


Monica, Therapist, Los Gatos, CA


Chris Mott has changed my life. After a bitter divorce a decade ago, I'd say I felt like a ONE on a scale of 1 -10. Chris taught me how to build my strength and self worth back by teaching me it's all in the power of our own thought process. I had to stop all the "stink'n think'n". This helped me to let go of the negative energy and stories which were weighing me down by re-writing my stories to have positive endings. He also taught me to organize my priorities with God coming first. After this, everything fell into place and it became much easier to let in the love which was right there for me from my family and friends. I learned how to relate better to my mom, my 19 year old son, and yes, even my ex-husband. If you want a positive life transformation bad enough then Chris is just the caring man to help guide you through the process. It's not easy and he's going to have you dig deep, but it's well worth the investment. Thank you again Chris for helping me to find my "sprinkles."


Tamara, Teacher, Fredonia, New York


"Chris is in the business of changing lives and I am a living testament to that. He has been my coach for 2 years and has ushered me through numerous positive changes that have impacted both my personal and professional life. With his guidance and encouragement, I re-wrote my story and stepped into unimaginable increases in faith, health, happiness, and success. I am eternally thankful for his insight, wisdom and tough love. I would recommend him without hesitation."


Kimberly, Director of Client Services, Indiana


"Since you started coaching me a month ago. I have repaired relationships with my father, sister and most of all my son. I have never felt this much happiness in my life. I encourage everyone to give Chris Mott the opportunity to help change your life for the better."


Michel, Contract Clerk, Huntington Beach, CA

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